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This is who I am.

A believer. A wife, mother and truth-seeker.

As a college professor, I've taught and mentored students transitioning from college to career for 10 years and counting. I have a strong understanding for how
early-career professionals should proactively self-manage their careers. 

I've also recently reignited my passion for the practice of public relations. I partner with business owners to address challenges and pursue opportunities through results-oriented communication strategies and strategic partnership plans. 


My professional background in public relations gave me an appreciation for the power of relationships, thoughtful strategy, and purposeful writing. 

Do you want to increase awareness of your business? Need to uncover new growth opportunities? Are you interested in partnering with another business owner for cross-promotion? I'd love to help you with that.


The back story.

Dani LaGree Signature_edited.png

Development experts will tell you that who we were as kids reveals a lot about us today. For me, this is true. I can trace my knack for clear communication all the way back to age 11 as a 4-H’er. I won a regional public speaking award for my speech “If Barns Could Talk” that told the story of life on my great-great-grandparents’ farm from the perspective of their barn. And the rest is history. 

Check out my blog for more of my thoughts. I'm glad you're here!

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