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Trajectory: The Trajectory Project

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

{Trajectory: A connected series of actions to arrive at a carefully calculated destination.}

Hey there! When Dr. Katie Olsen and I first started doing research together, we were shocked at the lack of information about the early career phase of those in creative communication careers. With more than two decades of combined experience mentoring students making the college to career transition, we knew this was an issue we needed to address.

We also recognize there’s so much emphasis on getting that first job after graduation, that many new pros are left wondering, “where do I go from here?”

Insert: The Trajectory Project.

We’re on a mission to advance the next generation of strategic communicators by offering resources and strategies for early-career navigation.

Why? Because what you do during the first five years of your career matters. The ‘connected series of actions’ you engage in during this time influences your long-term career trajectory. The decisions you make early in your career–from the projects you take on to the people you meet to how you advocate for yourself–impacts where you’ll be in the next five years.

And while none of us can predict the future, we are certainly in control of what we do now to prepare for it, while also recognizing that long-term career success looks different for everyone.

We encourage you to invest in your professional future by considering your career trajectory now. How will you proactively grow personally and professionally over the next five years, while remaining adaptable and responsive to whatever life brings your way?

We know that’s a big question, which is why we invite you to follow along on LinkedIn and Instagram (@trajectory_project) where we’ll share small steps you can take along your journey that will lead to big impact.

We want to hear from you! Questions about your career? Are there specific topics you’d like us to address? Send us a DM on Insta @trajectory_project or message us on LinkedIn.

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I wish this was apart of my first year seminar at K-State. This is useful information we need!

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